How to upgrade the TP-link repeater firmware

The TP link has been a leader when it comes to networking technology. The multiple devices and services which are offered by TP link are of the highest order and often provide a rather easy yet impressive internet streaming experience. Apart from the quite active and fast Wi-Fi routers, TP-link is also responsible for making devices which can fill in the many existing network dead zones of your house.

These dead zones exist due to several reasons, the obstruction of signal due to the several physical components like steel beams, extremely reflective surfaces or wall mounts. Whatever be the case, we cannot let our experience of surfing the web to be ruined due to bad connections. TP link therefore came up with the many brilliant devices in the form of Range extenders which are known to work brilliantly by repeating the Wi-Fi signals of your router to the other uncovered areas of your house.

Utilizing the most out of Range extenders however require a little efforts from our end too. As an owner, it is our duty to keep the firmware updated to the latest version so as to minimize security risks and maximize the network connectivity. Updating the Device firmware is a rather simple task and can be done fairly easily following the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Connect your Range extender with an Ethernet cable to a computer. This is recommended as during a Firmware upgrade, the device generally loses out on the wireless connection which can cause you to disconnect from the said device.

Step 2: Once connected, head over to the Wi-Fi extender homepage to gain access to the Web-based setup page of your range extender.
Step 3: Under the available options of advanced tab, after clicking it, you will find the system tools option.
Step 4: System tools option contain all the tools you can use to change the configuration of your device. Head over to the Firmware upgrade option below that.
Step 5: The screen will now show you both the firmware and the hardware version of the current device.
Step 6: To find the latest firmware version, head over to the official TP-link website, enter the product info and you would be able to find the latest firmware installation file. Download it.
Step 7: Now go back to the Firmware Upgrade page and locate the browse option that lets you upload the file with the latest Firmware to install it from.
Step 8: Choose the downloaded file and click upgrade.
Step 9: You Range Extender might restart a couple of times or lose connection in between which is normal. Do not reset the extender during the firmware update as it might corrupt the software of your Range Extender.
Step 11: A lot of latest upcoming Range extender will give you an opportunity to automatically download and install the latest firmware with the click of a single button. To do that simply head over to the firmware upgrade page and click on check for updates. If there is a new update available, your Range Extender will automatically update itself.
Step 10: You have successfully upgraded the Firmware of your range extender.